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Bed Bugs Identification and
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Are you dealing with a bed bug infestation? You’re not alone. Bed bugs, scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, are a growing concern in the Sunshine State, infesting homes, hotels, and even public transportation.

Costa Pest Control is your solution to effectively identify, prevent, and control these resilient pests in Florida’s warm and humid climate.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs

Habitats of Bed Bugs

Indoor Infestation

Indoor Infestation

  • Bed bugs have a strong preference for human environments, infesting homes, hotels, and dormitories.
  • They hide in mattresses, box springs, baseboards, and other discreet locations.

Versatile Spread

Versatile Spread

  • Bed bugs can easily navigate and spread through various indoor spaces, making eradication challenging.

Common Hiding Spots

Common Hiding Spots

  • Mattress seams, baseboards, bed frames, pillowcases, nightstands, dressers, couches, carpeting, walls, and electrical outlets.

Bed Bugs Detection and Identification

Visual Characteristics

  • Adult bed bugs are small, flattened, and oval-shaped, resembling apple seeds.
  • Nymphs are even smaller and harder to spot.
  • Bed bug excrement appears as small black or brown dots, and eggs are tiny, white, and oval-shaped.
Bed Bugs Visual Characteristics

Signs of Infestation

  • Unexplained bites on the skin may be a sign of bed bug activity.
  • Bites are often found in a linear or clustered pattern in areas with easy access to blood vessels.
Bed Bugs Signs of Infestation

Consult Professionals

  • Identifying bed bugs may be challenging, necessitating consultation with professionals for accurate assessment.
Pest Control Professional

Key Takeaways

Florida’s Bed Bugs Challenge

  • The warm and humid climate in Florida creates an ideal environment for bed bugs to thrive.
  • Common methods often struggle to control these nocturnal pests effectively.
Florida Home

Prioritize Understanding

  • Residents and property managers should focus on identifying, understanding bed bug habitats, and implementing control measures.
Florida Home

Professional Bed Bug
Extermination in South Florida

Choosing the Right Exterminator:

Research pest control companies with necessary licenses and certifications.

Consider associations like the Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA) for guaranteed expertise. 

Costa Pest Control Expertise:

Trained professionals specializing in bed bug detection and eradication.

Comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your needs.

Professional bed bug control

Prevention and Treatment Strategies:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM):
An environmentally conscious approach combining biological, chemical, cultural, and mechanical control methods.

It focuses on reducing populations and preventing re-infestations.

Heat Treatment:
Raises the temperature to lethal levels for bugs, especially effective against eggs.

Eco-friendly, quick results, and comprehensive in hard-to-reach spaces.

Chemical Treatment:
Use of pesticides, including residual insecticides, dust formulations, and aerosol sprays.

Careful application, following manufacturer’s instructions, and regular monitoring.

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christine acosta
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Rudy Cohen
Transitioning from Terminix to Costa Pest Control was a decision I made recently, and I'd like to share my insights on both services.Customer Service Comparison: With Terminix, I found the customer service to be somewhat impersonal and routine. It often felt like just another transaction. However, with Costa Pest Control, the experience was notably different. Their team was incredibly engaging, making me feel valued as a customer. They were attentive to my concerns, promptly answering queries and ensuring a smooth scheduling process, which was a refreshing change from my previous experiences with Terminix.Technicians and Service Comparison: The technicians at Terminix were proficient, yet their approach was quite standard and lacked a personal touch. In contrast, the professionals from Costa Pest Control brought a unique blend of expertise and personalized service. They were not only punctual and professional but also took extra time to explain their procedures and the products they were using, which gave me a sense of involvement and reassurance about the safety and effectiveness of their methods.Effectiveness Comparison: With Terminix, the results were generally satisfactory, but I occasionally noticed a recurrence of pest issues. Since switching to Costa Pest Control, the effectiveness of their treatment seems more pronounced. There's been a noticeable decrease in pest activity, and the results have been lasting, indicating a more thorough and tailored approach to pest management.Overall Experience and Recommendation: Overall, my experience with Costa Pest Control has been superior to that with Terminix. Costa stands out for its personalized service, expert technicians, and more effective pest control solutions. I would definitely recommend Costa Pest Control to anyone who is seeking an alternative to the more conventional options like Terminix, especially if they value customized care and lasting results.Thank you.
Orthie Ullysse
Orthie Ullysse
Does a great job! Had a bad bug problem and with his services I seen instant improvement😊 highly recommended! Super understanding patient and professional! The service was definitely 10/10


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Absolutely. The safety of your family and pets is our top priority. We use eco-friendly and sustainable pest control methods that are effective against pests but safe for humans and pets.

Our use of technology ranges from advanced pest detection and monitoring tools to customer service platforms that enhance communication and service efficiency. This allows us to provide precise, timely, and customer-friendly services.

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